Saturday, April 30, 2011

I miss him... :(

Ever since he broke up with me...
 I rarely talk to him but look him from afar...
he only wants me to be his sister...
Because he already has a girlfriend in Sibu....
Which makes me think...

  •  is he just using me for his own fun?
  • am i a plastic doll that can be played around often?
  • what did the kiss i gave you meant to you?
  • is your i love you sincere to me as your eyes are full of innocence?
  • Why did you ever agree on being my boyfriend?
  • Why did you wipe my tears when i cry?
I dunno wether i should be happy or not because all i can do is faking my smile..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Everything you need to know bout me

***blue is answer. pink is question
1. Do you like your name? Sometimes.. 
2. What age would you like to be right now? 13 
3. Do have pets? Yes but they all died.. 
4. How many friends do you have? My guessing is about 20+ people that i trust.
5. What's your favorite color? Black, red, blue, purple,and silver 
6. Do you like to go shopping? HECK YEAH!! 
7. Are you into sports? yUP ^_^. Golf and Bowling
8. What's your favorite hobby? Singing, dancing, taking pictures, texting, shopping
9. Do you love to read? Everyday 
10. What do you do when you're mad? Punching my pillow. Eat lots of chocolate an being extra rude
11. What word do you catch yourself saying a lot? Aigoo. Aegyo. Key.
12. McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds 
13. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
14. Summer or Winter? Malaysia don't have winter but i ever got to  Snow World and play the snow there. so Winter. 
15. Are you nice to everyone? Mostly. But with the person i hate, i would put my hand into a fist. Clenching it really tight so that i wouldn't spit on them.
16. Do you like swimming? Yes! 
17. Do you do your hair often? Yes 
18. What city would you like to visit? Seoul, New York City. Hollywood. 
19. What kind of ice cream do you like most? Cookies 'n' Cream. Chocolate Mint. 
20. Hot Cheetos or Doritos? What are those? 
21. Do you like school? I only go there to see my crush and to study. I HATE SCHOOL!! 
22. Are you in a school? TT_TT yes.. 
23. Do you play video games? Used to, not anymore 
24. What do you do for fun? Anything with my friends 
25. Do you talk a lot on the phone? Kinda 
26. Are you more shy or talkative? When i'm with my friends i'm talkative but with my crush.. i'm veerrry shy. 27. Do you like going outdoors? Yes! 
28. Do you like rainy days? Yes 
29. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Secret Recipe, Sushi King, Pizza Hut
30. Are you awesome? I dunno how i can answer that..

Sunday, April 17, 2011


cant believe budak pandai main gitar(Alim) keeps my letters!! kya!! aigoo.. i'm starting to feel like a girl-ish girl.. bleh....
he ask me wether if its alright to meet him..
i wrote back by saying..
erm.. try find me!! i mean.. you talk to me almost everyday and if you can find me.. erm... i dunno what i would do to you ;)
why the fuck am i so effing DUMB!!! aish!!
oh well :)
but then one of my friends said that he gets letter from other girls too!! 
shit those gurlz.. 
i almost puke when one of them put a poem!! 
but I forgot how in rhymes.. 
just the end is
"Sudah baca diharap balas"
the girl must be really desperate :P
i'm done for now..