Sunday, April 17, 2011


cant believe budak pandai main gitar(Alim) keeps my letters!! kya!! aigoo.. i'm starting to feel like a girl-ish girl.. bleh....
he ask me wether if its alright to meet him..
i wrote back by saying..
erm.. try find me!! i mean.. you talk to me almost everyday and if you can find me.. erm... i dunno what i would do to you ;)
why the fuck am i so effing DUMB!!! aish!!
oh well :)
but then one of my friends said that he gets letter from other girls too!! 
shit those gurlz.. 
i almost puke when one of them put a poem!! 
but I forgot how in rhymes.. 
just the end is
"Sudah baca diharap balas"
the girl must be really desperate :P
i'm done for now.. 

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