Friday, October 21, 2011

I don't quit singing, dancing and acting.

Yeah. I don't quit those stuffs because its what I always do. Yet my sister said that i sing horribly, my friends always make fun of me when I'm dancing, and I act like I'm happy but I'm not. 

I only do those stuffs when I'm alone. Never in front of people because they will critic n bad talk about me behind my back but sooorry. Bad Talk me about what I do only means that I'm better n you're just jealous. Feeling Angry? Wanna punch me? go ahead because I'll do the same, yet it'll be 10x more pain :)

I know you guys have a better voice than I am so why must you critic me? You're not the judges from American Idol =.=. If you guys do have a better voice? Why did I become the champion of singing last year? 

Dancing. I used to do it at school but since you guys say and sometimes say "Syuha kedak org bodo hahaha". Seriously? Thats all you've got? You think you're better huh? You guys enter dancing class while I learn all the step with my own eyes b*tches :). So I'm more better. 

Acting. You guys see me smiling all the time yet only ONE know its a fake. One thing you guys should know that If i didn't enter SMK Lutong, I'll enter SMK Seni in Kuching. So who are you to tell me that I can't act when I was suppose to go there? If you're wondering who's the ONE person that know weather I smile for real is NORMA FITRY. 

I don't know why you guys must say I'm bad in those things when my former art teacher says I'm good. And she says "If other people say you're not good means that they're jealous, n you need to put more effort :)' 
And I remember that Always <3

Thats all for today. Bubbye~!

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