Saturday, October 22, 2011

Me me me me ME! (i just love my self)

That is an Amulet
 My first Angry Bird

 DSLR ku yg bapa belikan sebagai hadiah birthday ^_^

 Baju raya favourite. . Pink, white n purple :)

 Di lobby rumah nenek at Kuching ^^

 Kck x? At my house, in the main living room. (Big specs for big eyes ^^)

 Baruk bangun tidoe. . .

 My friend said I luk like a kid in here xD

 I'm ugly here but hey, its truly me :)

 Me with my angry bird.

 This was my mom's old shirt that she gave me n I love it. 

After Majlis Pengiktirafan & Perkhdmatan pelajar. Yeah. . sexy =,=

That is all the favourite photos of me in my laptop 


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