Thursday, October 6, 2011


(Holding Camera, Purple Cap n red watch. Yea. . . thats him;))

  He is Emeer Asyraf of whom I love to call monkey. His birthday is just 2 years and 2 months early than mine xP. But I careless about it :). You heard it. I love him. Yeah, its true. Gotta prob with it? No? Gud :). He's facing PMR this year so. . . Of course I support him, his friends, my cousins and of course my sister.

  He has the type of personality of every normal guy has but he is more special because of his attitude. He act like he doesn't care but to me, he does. He's a sweet,cute and a funny guy that many girls in school are head over heels for him. But I'm the one xD. He is also the one for me :P. He loves to make me blush and I still am whenever my friends talk about him. To him, I'm only cute but never beautiful and for me its sweet xD. And to me, He's cute but sometimes handsome. He says I'm sweet when I reply "Gud SweetHeart. Sayang3!". Obviously, I blush. His parents already know our relationship and alhamdullilah his parents is ok with it. I wonder if I should tell mine. . . <3

 I'm still thinking of what type of a present a guy like him loves. So please help me on this one ;D. Who thinks he/she know who Emeer is. . . Don't tell him about my blog! He doesn't know this xD. 

Guess this is it. Thats all in my mind so. . bubbye peeps~! <3 u guys ;D

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