Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm not a nerd.

This days, my friend loves to call me nerdy Syuha when i use my specs. I was like wtf?! girl, do u know today's style? 
trendy rite? i know u guys wud say y am i typing in english but not spelled correctly becus I am so lazyyy. 

Now back to d topic. 

I don't luk lyke a nerd n I aint a nerd cause why do i play bowing when I'm a nerd. 

A nerd is sum1 hu dun even noe how to play a single sports people! Not becus they dont a style. 

So hu ever call sum1 a nerd becus of the luks must means that they're JEALOUS.

sorry if u're mad but its d truth. 

and sum of my so-called frens start to avoid me when i wear specs

whaddaya wan me 2 do? wear contact lenses?! 

sorry but i love my eyes. 

n u r not d boss of me! my parents is ><

terasa apa yg saye kate? bgs becus nex taim kate lagi. 

saya akan tanya

nak penampar atau penumbuk @ tendangan? 

dats all! bubbye~

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