Saturday, November 26, 2011

Most craziest and longest function I've ever been.

This will be a short post since its past midnight. :)
Just now, I had to represent my family since they're all tired after the long ride from Miri-Sibu-Kuching. And I somehow regret for not bringing my camera. . 
Nah~ I did bring my camera to Kuching but my mom won't let me bring it -_-

As I was saying, I didn't get to bath since my aunt just barge into the room and said to me "Syuha, guna baju kurung nun" and i was like WHAT? Then I have to iron my baju kurung (didn't get to iron the kain since my uncle will come in 10 mins). Manage to put powder and lip balm (my lips is too dry to put on lipgloss)
I did learn how to talk like a Kuching person since I'm the only teen, my aunt was talking to each other so I just listen to them. Which is kinda weird when they suddenly ask if I have a boyfriend and I can't lie to them, I just say yes and they go straight ahead talking about what adult always talk about. (Adult always talk about what?)
Back to the story, when we arrive there, the first thing I hear was the sound of the piano. I think that was the only calm thing that I've listen today.The moment I get into the ball room, it was so damn loud! Its getting more and more louder when you go to the front and. . unfortunately, our table is No. 5 and its the nearest to the PA system. 

If you were in my position, your eardrums will bleed! (not really :))

But the bride and groom are handsome and pretty! What a cute couple! XD
And then, the food came. One dish and I'm full. Then, my nephew ask weather I want some soup. I said yes. I don't even know that soup is has prawn in it. And my allergy comes back to haunt me. It didn't target my throat but my lips. My full lips was so thick just now! :(
I didn't even have the appetite to eat chicken -.-

Then, there's a singer who has a great voice and ask people to dance! Suddenly, two old geezers started to dance like there's no tomorrow. . 

One of the old geezer, was trying to steal the groom away from the bride! Yes! he steals the groom! Not the bride. . weird right?
Then, we just kept eating on n on n on. Until the bride goes to our table and thank us for coming. She is very beautiful and looks intelligent at the same time. Wish I have those features. 
My incident in the restroom. The women were so damn loud! Don't you know people need to do their business?  When I came out from 1 of the cubicle, The women were hogging for the mirror. Some were applying lipstick, blushes, mascara. Seriously! Ever heard of natural beauty!?

Finally, the function is over XD. And the woman keep giving each other kisses. I have to ran out of the room because its icky XP. Thank goodness for ballet shoes :)
thats all i guess. .and we've arrive home almost 12 midnight XD. 


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